Here’s Why Relocating to Sarasota, Tampa Bay Is the Right Choice

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Sarasota is the best place to retire, according to U.S. News. But retirees are not the only ones flocking towards this town. It is a young, vibrant, and versatile city that has a place for everyone.

The region is the 10th fastest growing in the nation, and there are many folks relocation to Tampa Bay for multiple reasons. Keep reading below to see why you should move to Sarasota, too!

Tampa Bay Real Estate Market

The Sarasota real estate market is booming, but that does not mean that the housing is expensive. The average household income is $40,000, and the average pricing for houses is below $200,000. 

Low Crime Rate

The crime rate in Sarasota is significantly lower than the national crime rate. It is ranked higher in safety than similar-sized cities across the nation. An excellent place for young families and retirees alike!

Health Care Quality

Sarasota is ranked the healthiest county in Florida. Many factors have been taken into account of this ranking system, including mental health, emotional health, and physical health. 

Sarasota also houses some of the world’s best hospitals and doctors. The hospitals ranked highly are due to low mortality rates, complications, and readmission rates. 

Different Neighborhoods for Different Lifestyles

The town of Sarasota offers a home for everyone. It has several communities that are suited to a wide variety of neighborhoods. 

Young Professionals

Even though Sarasota is the number one ranking city for retirement, the city is starting to appeal to young professionals enjoying the sun and warmth. There are several excellent choices for lower-priced communities for those starting their career. 

These communities include:

  • Lakewood Ranch
  • Pine Shores
  • Indian Beach
  • Siesta Key
  • Gillepsie Park

Indian Beach is especially attractive as it is close to the Ringling Estate and houses the University of South Florida.


Gulf Gate Estates is an excellent community for retired folks. It has beautiful boutique shops and houses several landmarks such as the St. Thomas More Catholic Church, The Chelsea Center, and an excellent Gulf Gate Village Library. 

Young Families

Siesta Keys is one of the best areas for young families. There are many parks, and it has the most excellent beach in the country. The community is diverse and accepting of people from every walk of life.

It is a beautiful community to raise your kids and offer them the best experiences in life. 

Best Education for Your Kids

Education is key to a successful life, no matter what you value as success. Therefore, your children need to receive the best education early on. 

Private and Public Schools

Fortunately, Sarasota is home to many top 20 public and private schools.

Pine View School is the best public elementary school in the country, so you can trust that your kids are offered the best. Additionally, the Out-of-Door Academy is a high-ranking private school where students have high average ACT scores. 


For those with older kids, there are lots of opportunities for higher education. The above-mentioned University of South Florida is one of many colleges and universities that call Sarasota their home. 

Job Opportunities in Sarasota 

Relocating to Sarasota might be the best move for your career. Sarasota and the Tampa Bay area are booming with tourism.

However, suppose tourism is not your field. In that case, business is currently at an uprise due to all the excellent reviews from visiting tourists.

As mentioned previously, health care and education are top-notch in the Tampa Bay area, with many opportunities to advance. Additionally, the small business community is active and welcoming to newcomers.

Sarasota has a lower unemployment rate than the national rate. In fact, it has been on a steady decline since 2010.

Entertainment in Sarasota

It is essential to have a safe home, a good education, and excellent health care. 

But another essential item for good living is entertainment. Luckily, Tampa Bay has entertainment for everyone!

Museums and Parks

Sarasota has several museums and parks. One of the most well-known is the Ringling Museum of Art. It has America’s most important art collections, including the Rubens’ Galleries, the Turrell Skyspace, and much more!

This beautiful town can also boast its incredible parks, such as the Myakka River State Park, the Mote Marine Laboratory & Aquarium, and the Big Cata Habitat and Gulf Sanctuary. You can do yoga with tigers!

Night Life

There are many bars and clubs to keep partying in until the sun comes up! Some of these bars are inclusive and are LBGTQ friendly. The best-known and inclusive bar is, without a doubt, Oasis. 

Beaches and Coastal Living

If you are relocating to the Tampa Bay Area, you know about the many beautiful beaches it has to offer. 

Sarasota is home to one of the world’s best and beautiful beaches. These beaches offer many activities, such as scuba diving, hiking, dolphin watching, sailing, and so much more!

Amazing Food

Food is essential, but good food is a must! So if you are a foodie, you’ll be doing yourself a favor when relocating to Sarasota. 

The food is diverse, fresh, and vibrant. While living in Sarasota, you will be eating excellent food until your soul’s content!

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Sarasota is an excellent location for any individual or family. The Tampa Bay area has many activities and amenities to offer to allow anyone to live life to the fullest.

Contact your relocation expert today to book a viewing for your next dream house!

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