Relocating to St. Petersburg? Here’s What You Need to Know

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With a population of over 260,000, St. Petersburg, Florida is one of the Sunshine State’s largest cities. Known for the world’s longest pier and the most consecutive days with sunshine, St. Pete is a great city to call home. 

But what’s it like to live in the Sunshine City? Is it a good fit for young people or families? This guide will walk you through everything you need to know about relocating to St. Pete.  

Cost of Living

One of the best things about moving to Florida is that there’s no state income tax. This contributes to the state’s mid-range cost of living. Cities like Miami boast pricier real estate, but St. Pete’s is below the national average.  

Job Market

The job market in St. Petersburg is strong, with an unemployment rate below the US average. You can expect job growth to increase by 42% over the next 10 years. This offers security and opportunities for newcomers.    

St. Petersburg’s largest industries include healthcare, retail, and accommodations.

City Layout

A unique feature of St. Petersburg is that it was designed on a grid. This makes navigating the city really easy, as all streets run north-south or east-west. 

And getting around the city is easy, too. St. Pete has a strong public transit system with buses and trams. The city is also bike friendly, with many people choosing to commute on bicycle or enjoy a tour of the Pinellas trail and waterside pathways. 

The Rainy Season

Sunny Florida has been the go-to destination for generations of snowbirds. And St. Petersburg indeed is one of the sunniest cities you can choose. But Florida is also prone to heavy rains, thunderstorms, and hurricanes. 

When you live on the coast, you have to be prepared for frequent storms. This can be an adjustment for people who are moving from out of state or drier climates in the midwest. 

But once you know how to handle the rainy season, you’ll be glad you stuck it out for those sparkling days of sunshine.

Things to Do

St. Petersburg is part of the Tampa Bay area and has something for everyone! Whether you’re a retiree, student, or parent, you can take your pick of the best it has to offer. And this list is only the tip of the iceberg!


Situated on a peninsula on Florida’s west coast, St. Petersburg has no shortage of beaches. The clear, blue-green water and warm sand draw thousands of tourists each year. But if you call St. Pete home, you can visit those beaches outside of peak tourism seasons. 

Check out Clearwater Beach or Caladesi Island State Park for a great time by the water.


Boating is another popular activity in St. Pete, and the city has multiple marinas. Try taking your boat to the Lighthouse Point Marina and head out into the Gulf. Spend your weekends fishing with friends or enjoying the ocean breeze. 

While you’re at it, check out the Skyway Fishing Pier State Park, the longest fishing pier in the world. 


Moving to St. Petersburg gives you access to all the best of Tampa Bay nightlife. Stroll down Central Avenue for an evening of drinks and dancing. Catch a show at the Mahaffey Theater or take part in the 439 Magic Experience. 

In Town

St. Pete is home to the Dali Museum, Museum of Fine Arts, and the St. Petersburg Museum of History. You can visit the Sunken Gardens or take your kids to the Great Explorations Children’s Museum. To get out in nature, visit the Boyd Hill Nature Preserve or Weedon Island Preserve.

On the weekends, grab a bite at the St. Pete Saturday Morning Market before picnicking at Dell Holmes or Lassing Park.  

Neighborhoods to Explore

Relocating to St. Petersburg is a big decision. And the Sunshine City has 110 neighborhood and business associations. So how do you know which part of town is best for you? 

Visit these neighborhoods to get a taste of what St. Petersburg has to offer.


Driftwood is the magical fairytale neighborhood of St. Pete. It’s a small neighborhood nestled under a canopy of ancient oak trees. If you prefer homes in a more Mediterranean style, give it a visit.

You’ll be steps from recreation centers, parks, and fields. You’re also just a short drive from downtown. The properties may be at the higher end of your budget, but if you snag a spot by the water, you won’t regret it.

Downtown St. Pete

Booming with activity and opportunities, downtown St. Pete is a great choice if you like having a lot to do. With two colleges in the area, this neighborhood is home to a lot of students and younger families.

If you’re okay relocating to a high-rise or a smaller apartment, this may be the neighborhood for you. The best part? You’ll be steps from St. Pete’s many museums, clubs, markets, and eateries.  


If you don’t want to live in downtown proper, try Kenwood. Located a few blocks west of downtown, Kenwood is a historic neighborhood full of charming Craftsman homes. If the idea of living in a “bungalow” appeals to you, you’ll love Kenwood.

Picture brick roads and sweeping footpaths lined with Florida’s trademark tropical foliage. And the best part about Kenwood? It’s only five miles from the Gulf!

Boca Ciega

Boca Ciega is a great option for older couples looking to retire. Or, you may decide to move there if you want a great spot by the water. This is a condo and apartment community that is considered one of the safer neighborhoods in St. Pete. 

Boca Ciega is the quintessential “beach town” and a popular destination for tourists. If you’re looking for a neighborhood that moves at a slower pace and gives you vacation vibes year-round, pick Boca Ciega.

Experience St. Petersburg, Florida

Moving to St. Petersburg, Florida is an exciting decision! You’ve got days of sunshine, surf, and city attractions to look forward to. Whether you love museums or prefer to spend hours on the sand, St. Pete is a great place to call home. 

If you’re looking to move but need relocating assistance, Tampa Bay’s Alex Plotkin can help. Get in touch with Alex to turn your dream home into a reality. 

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