What You Should Know Before Moving to St. Petersburg

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St. Petersburg is one of the most attractive and appealing cities in Florida and for good reason. First of all, it appeals to nearly everybody. It’s popular with families as well as singles looking for a full and satisfying life. St. Petersburg has been ranked the 43rd-best city in the United States. 

St. Petersburg has been experiencing a renaissance in recent years. This is causing a major influx of business opportunities as new startups and entrepreneurs make the Sunshine City their home base. 

If you are thinking of moving to Florida, here are some reasons to consider making St. Petersburg your new home!

St. Petersburg is Affordable

You’d think that beachfront property would be unbelievably expensive. This is good news if you’re moving to Florida and you’re on a budget. The cost of living in St. Petersburg is comparable to the national average

The average cost for a house is even lower! The median price for a house in St. Petersburg is 7% lower than the state average and 16% lower than the average cost for a house, nationwide. 

You also don’t have to pay personal income tax if you’re a Florida resident. 

Strong Job Market 

We’ve already mentioned a bit about the new businesses that have been flourishing in St. Petersburg’s ample sunlight. It’s got quite a commendable economy on top of that, as well. St. Petersburg boasts a 4.7% employment rate

This means that St. Petersburg also has one of the strongest job markets in the country! A number of Fortune 500 companies have their headquarters in St. Petersburg. These include Jabil, Raymond James, and Tech Data. 

There are a number of sizable healthcare providers in St. Petersburg, also. Johns Hopkins Children’s Hospital, Tampa General, and BayCare all make St. Petersburg their home. If you’re looking for a place in the South to build and grow your medical career, St. Petersburg would be a good pick! 

All of these factors, considered together, makes St. Petersburg one of the strongest economies in the South. 

Go Green

St. Petersburg isn’t only one of Florida’s most prosperous cities, it’s also one of the most sustainable. St. Petersburg was named Florida’s first green city. This is thanks to their pioneering efforts in water conservation, recycling, planting trees, and energy-efficient technology.

In 2017, St. Petersburg completely transitioned to using renewable energy. It’s also home to more than 250,000 trees making it an official Arbor Day Foundation “Tree City”.  

This means you can enjoy living in a beautiful, fun city with a completely clear conscience. This is a rare treasure and should be cherished! 

Plenty of Sun

Of course, the weather is going to be a strong selling point in the Tampa Bay area. Florida is known as the Sunshine State, after all. St. Petersburg is sunny even by Florida’s standards, however. 

In fact, St. Petersburg is one of the sunniest places on Earth! It even holds the Guinness Record for most consecutive days of sun. St. Petersburg experienced a stunning 768 days of sun from 1967 to 1969. 

Even with so much sun, St. Petersburg’s weather still stays impressively mild. It rarely gets above 90 degrees in the summer but it doesn’t get colder than 50 degrees in winter. It’s about as close to paradise as you can get. 

Life’s a Beach

The beautiful beaches are some of Florida’s most iconic attractions. St. Peterburg’s beaches are beautiful even by Florida’s standards, however. St. Pete beach has been voted one of the United States’ best beaches

There’s more than just sandcastles at these Florida beaches, of course. A number of St. Peterburg beaches feature a different kind of sand bar. Bars like The Drunken Clam or Harry’s Beach Bar means you can enjoy a cocktail while staring out at the emerald ocean. 

Other beaches have even more noteworthy watering holes. Treasure Island boasts “The World’s Longest Waterfront Bar,” if you’re looking to experience another world record while you’re in Sunshine City.

There’s plenty of family-friend beach fun to be had, as well. Fort De Soto Park offers exceptional dolphin watching, which will make memories your entire family will cherish their entire lives. Once you’re done, you could go explore the extensive network of bike trails or get some snacks from the snack bar. 


You know that not all cities are laid out to the same standard. Some places can be perfectly lovely but are a total nightmare to get around in. This is not the case with St. Petersburg. 

First of all, St. Petersburg is laid out in a grid pattern that is entirely intuitive and easy to understand. Streets run north and south and avenues run east and west. A number of highways run into the city, as well, making navigation and transportation even easier and more convenient. 

I-275 runs straight into the heart of downtown St. Petersburg. This means that you can get from dense urban downtown to a number of the Tampa Bay area’s beautiful natural destinations without getting snarled in traffic. 

St. Pete’s boasts an impressive public transit system, to seal the deal. There are over 40 bus and trolley routes crisscrossing St. Petersburg. The Looper Trolley, in particular, makes navigating downtown an absolute joy. 

The city is also exceptionally bike friendly and boasts trails, bike lanes, waterfront paths, and a plethora of bike shops for the recreational cyclist or everyday bike commuter. 

With a booming economy and some of the finest weather on Earth, St. Petersburg is only going to keep getting bigger and better. The fact that it’s affordable as well truly makes St. Petersburg worthy of a look, no matter where you’re at in life. 

Are You Moving To Florida?

Are you moving to Florida? The Sunshine State has so many wonderful things to offer. If you’re ready to experience a flourishing economy just steps away from incredible natural beauty, contact us today and let us know how we can help your search for Tampa Bay real estate! 

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