5 Reasons Alex Plotkin Is #1 for Tampa Bay Real Estate

Tampa Bay real estate

The sunshine state is booming and many people from all over the country are pulling up stakes and moving to Florida.

Florida is more than just a retirement spot or a vacation state. Many people are finding it the perfect place to settle down and build their life.

Parts of Florida are growing rapidly and one of the fastest is in the area surrounding Tampa Bay.

The great atmosphere and amazing business growth have made the Tampa area one of the fastest-growing areas for population and real estate growth.

The Tampa Bay real estate market is one of the top markets in the country because there are so many beautiful areas that are very affordable.

If you are interested in moving to the Tampa Bay area or investing in real estate in the area, you want to pick the best realtor to help you.

You don’t have to look any further than Alex Plotkin. Alex is the #1 choice for the growing Tampa Bay real estate community and here are the five reasons why:

Tampa Bay Real Estate Experience

Alex has been in the Tampa area for decades and knows each area intimately. His focus on the counties of Hillsborough, Pinellas, Sarasota, and Manatee, has given him a unique ability to see the trends in each area.

Alex also has experience on the market research side of each community as they have grown. 

Having started his own company out of the Tampa Bay area, Alex understands the make-up of the communities and how they have grown and are growing.

Alex’s experience with the demographics and socioeconomic trends of the Tampa Bay area are brought in to help the average home buyer and the veteran investor.

Creativity for Each Client

Finding the right house to buy or the right house to invest in takes more than a search on one of the many real estate search sites.

If you were looking in the Pinellas real estate area, you can look online and see lots of numbers and facts.  However, being able to interpret those and see the trends takes creativity.

Alex brings that creativity while serving his special group of clients. He helps you interpret the numbers based on your needs and your desires.

Alex has helped hundreds of clients find their perfect home or their perfect place to invest.  His glowing testimonies speak of the creativity in helping each person with their individual needs.

Passion as a Principle

Starting a business from scratch and building it into a multi-million dollar company takes passion.

Alex showed that passion is a core principle when he left law school to team up with a friend and start PhillySwirl. 

They started the company out of a garage in the Tampa area in 1992. After a few years of hard work and sacrifice, they began to see strong growth.

In 2006, after 14 years of leading PhillySwirl, Alex and his partner sold the company to a large conglomerate and it is still going strong today.

Now Alex gives his clients that kind of passion every day. He focuses on the needs of each client and works until they are satisfied.

Whether that is helping someone comb through the houses for sale in Pinellas or finding the perfect townhome as a real estate investment, Alex brings his passion and success mindset to each client.  

Focused Attention

Alex knows Tampa Bay real estate, but he also knows the people. He loves that people want to move to the surrounding counties of Tampa and he wants each one of them to love this part of Florida as much as he does.

This is why he takes a personal approach to each of his clients. He asks questions and gets into what they really want and need.

Then he goes out and through his immense network of people, helps them find the perfect fit.  

Many clients have talked about how much time Alex spent talking to them. He even would do live phone walk-throughs of homes when people couldn’t travel down to Florida during the pandemic.

He has also helped many clients find reputable people to do work on their homes when they buy a place they want to renovate. 

He applies the focused approach he used to build a multi-million dollar company for each client and their personal needs.

Hard Work That Has Worked

A few years after selling his company, Alex saw the growth potential in the Tampa Bay real estate market.

He got his real estate license and worked with local development partners to close on over 1500 rehab/resale projects.  

This helped him not only build a large network across the area but helped him find some of the best craftsmen that Florida has in the renovation area.

While doing this Alex acquired a personal rental portfolio that he still maintains today. His experience as an owner of many properties gives his clients another unique perspective when looking to invest.

Alex has discovered what things work and what things to avoid when it comes to investing.

The most positive reviews for Alex’s hard work are from the people who rented properties from him. Many of them enjoyed the experience so much, they retained him as an agent to find property for them.

An Agent for You

Alex Plotkin loves the Tampa Bay real estate area with all the surrounding counties. He has lived here for many years and would love to introduce you to his favorite part of the world.

If you are looking for an agent for your home, or are looking for someone to help you with some investing, Alex is ready to help you today.

Take some time to read through all the information on his site and reach out to Alex. He would love to set a time to consult with you and answer any questions you may have.

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