Time for Tampa Bay: The Ultimate Moving Checklist for Out-of State-Movers to Tampa

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Tampa Bay is one of the country’s fastest-growing areas, with an average of around 51,000 people moving there each year. It isn’t just residents of other areas of Florida moving to the city – people who live in other states are making the move as well. 

If you live in another state and are considering moving to Tampa Bay, having a moving checklist is essential in ensuring your move is as seamless as possible. From packing up your belongings to finding a place to live, there are many items to add to your Tampa Bay moving checklist. 

Tampa Bay boasts gorgeous beaches, delectable cuisine, and a wide array of people and cultures. If you’re ready to make the move, check out our moving checklist below. 

Find Your Ideal Tampa Bay Neighborhood

Tampa Bay has a wide variety of neighborhoods within its city limits, each with its own personality and quirks. Before you pick which neighborhood to move to, visit them. Every neighborhood has its own character and vibe and which one is best for you depends upon your lifestyle. 

Hyde Park is one of Tampa Bay’s historical neighborhoods and is more on the pricey end as far as rental or house prices go. It is filled with tree-lined, cobblestone streets overflowing with rich flowers and greenery. If you enjoy the nightlife, Hyde Park blossoms into a party-like atmosphere in most of the restaurants and bars. 

Tampa Heights is an up-and-coming neighborhood that’s close to the urban center of the city. You’ll have access to the Hillsborough River for water activities or enjoying a meal on its banks. You can easily bike to the downtown area or spend the day strolling through nearby shops. 

No matter your lifestyle, Tampa Bay has a neighborhood that suits your needs. Spend time visiting the area before you make your final selection. 

Research Local Schools

If you have children or plan on having them in the future, keep schools in mind. You’re able to research local school systems beforehand, so once you settle on some neighborhoods you like, check out the schools in that area. Making sure your neighborhood has quality schools will save you time and hassle in the future. 

Locate a Place to Live

Finding a place to move to before you actually make the move is the ideal way to go. If you’re unfamiliar with the area, consider renting a home for a few months so you can spend some time exploring the city. Do your research beforehand to find a reputable real estate agent that will have your best interests in mind. 

Especially since you’re moving from out of state, hiring a realtor that is knowledgeable in Tampa Bay neighborhoods is vital. They’re your number one advocate and guide as you make the transition to a new state. They should have a working knowledge of the local market. 

Begin Packing and Hiring a Moving Company 

Professional movers are a great way to take the pressure and stress of you when moving. If you decide to go down that route, take the time to research trustworthy and reliable ones. Check their reviews and ratings online before asking them for a quote. 

As you start packing your belongings, really consider each item you pack. The quote the moving company gives you is often based on the weight of your items and furniture. 

When deciding what to pack, toss, or donate, consider these following tips:

  • If you haven’t worn an item of clothing in a year, donate or throw it away
  • Use vacuum storage bags for soft items to save space
  • Utilize wardrobe boxes to pack clothing
  • Label your boxes specifically 
  • Securely pack your fragile items with bubble wrap and packing paper

Another option to hiring a moving company is to rent a portable moving container. They can also function as a temporary storage container while you’re moving. The cost of the container depends on the size of it and how long you keep it. 

You can always rent a moving truck yourself and drive it to your new home. Renting a truck can save you money in lieu of professional movers, but then you have the added stress of driving the truck and unpacking your belongings. Whatever route you take depends on your personal preference and budget. 

Plan Your Move-In Day

When picking out your move-in day for an out of state move, you’ll need to take into consideration the following elements:

  • Moving company or truck rental availability
  • Work schedules
  • Weather
  • Family concerns

Once your move-in day is locked in, start setting up the utilities in your new home. Reach out to the utility companies at least three weeks in advance before you make your move. This gives the companies plenty of time to make any service calls or check equipment before you move in. 

You’ll also want to lock in any travel arrangements for the day of. If a moving company is bringing your belongings, consider whether you want to fly or drive out to your new home. Some of your family may want to drive while others may choose to fly. 

Book any necessary plane tickets or rental cars well in advance. Don’t leave travel arrangements right before you move. Prices may skyrocket or you risk not finding the travel arrangements you need due to lack of availability.

Finalize Your Tampa Bay Moving Checklist

Moving to Tampa Bay, FL is one of the best decisions you can make. There are plenty of neighborhoods you can choose from to fit your lifestyle. The gorgeous ocean views and mild temperatures make it an ideal living destination. 

Going over your moving checklist well in advance will ensure you move to the right area of the city and don’t forget any details. One important aspect of an out-of-state move is hiring a real estate agent you can trust. 

Contact Alex Plotkin to assist with your move to Tampa Bay. Alex is well-versed in the Tampa Bay area and will find you the home of your dreams in the Tampa Bay area. 

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